Moody Publishers and Author/Evangelist, Barnabas Mam

Church Behind the Wire in Christianity Today:

Grace Amid Genocide: How Cambodia’s Killing Fields became an extraordinary ex-Communist’s mission field by Tim Stafford

“Mam’s story wisely balances grace and suffering, thus serving as an antidote both to prosperity teaching and to overglorified suffering”

Bio of Barnabas Mam

Survivor of the Killing Fields — Author — Preacher
During Pol Pot’s reign of terror as the leader of the Khmer Rouge, 1.7 million Cambodians died; Barnabas Mam was one of only 200 Christians to survive the Killing Fields.

Book Summary of Church Behind the Wire, by Barnabas Mam

Over the course of two decades Barnabas Mam survived in captivity—prisons, “training facilities”, work and refugee camps—at a time where more than 1.7 million of his fellow Cambodian citizens were killed.  From 1975 – 1979 he personally witnessed hundreds of his friends die under the genocide delivered by the Khmer Rouge.  But despite his surroundings, Mam recounts how he found peace and hope for the first time in his life and how he Mam helped rebuild the church in his native country where he has assisted in planting more than 400 churches since 1998.