4 Tips to Use Twitter to Gather Industry Intel at Events

This week, one of our clients will be at the TRB (Transportation and Research Board) Annual Meeting in Washington D.C.  TRB is a gathering of some 11,000 transportation professionals. That’s quite a pool of thinkers!

While the client team is in D.C.—interacting face-to-face and via Twitter—we are monitoring #TRBAM, #Transpo and more from the RTPR offices. Of course we are not alone.  Others are monitoring, too.  For example, TRB, as the hosting organization, is tracking sentiments, success and trends by measuring volume and content in tweets.

The gold nugget here is that social media can be an amazing source of industry information, and it’s completely free!

Here are 4 Tips to Use Twitter to Gather Industry Intel at Events, whether you attend the event or not:

  1. Create an event calendar of events that are important to your industry.  Duh! It’s the obvious basic, I know, but it really is the first step.
  2. Identify and the monitor hashtags associated with event. Annual events may use the same hashtags each year.  However, the nature of social media means that new ones will organically emerge, so do this during the week before the event.
  3. ID key contacts and follow them. Review tweets and profiles strategically. Create and add them to lists so you can reference them later.   You can interact with them, too, of course.
  4. Capture key findings that will be impactful for your organization…and then act on them.

 Tracy Richardson Clement