4 Tips to Create an Intriguing Elevator Speech

When someone asks what you or your organization does, are you prepared with an on-message, concise explanation?  If not, you may be missing countless opportunities to win advocates for you, your brand, endeavor or organization.  To maximize these opportunities, create, memorize and practice your elevator speech.

What is an elevator speech?
An elevator speech is brief description of your endeavor and/or organization—who you are, what you do and why it matters—delivered in the time of an average elevator ride—1 – 2 minutes.  An effective elevator speech should leave your audience wanting more while answering the essential questions about your organization.
A great place to start your elevator speech is to adapt your boilerplate (e.g. the paragraph at the end of press releases or other marketing collateral).  Don’t have a boilerplate?  Well, you need one of those to, but you can use the tips below to create an effective elevator speech.

  1. Incorporate a positioning statement.  Why should someone care about you, your organization or endeavor?  When possible, leverage an emotional connection.
  2. Include a distinctive.  For example were you the first or only one to do something?  Perhaps you are the largest or oldest.  These distinctives help set you apart and provide credibility.
  3. Don’t forget the basics.  Who does your organization/endeavor benefit?  How does your organization benefit someone?
  4. Finish with an ‘ask’.  If applicable, be sure to close by saying what others can do to get involved and incorporate a website address where people can get more information.

Take a look at this elevator speech, tongue-and-cheekily delivered in an elevator.